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  1. A Baby in the House (TAGS Episode)
  2. A Black Day for Mayberry (TAGS Episode)
  3. A Date For Gomer (TAGS Episode)
  4. A Deal is a Deal (TAGS Episode)
  5. A Feud is a Feud (TAGS Episode)
  6. A Girl for Goober (TAGS Episode)
  7. A Man's Best Friend (TAGS Episode)
  8. A Medal for Opie (TAGS Episode)
  9. A New Doctor in Town (TAGS Episode)
  10. A Singer in Town (TAGS Episode)
  11. A Trip to Mexico (TAGS Episode)
  12. A Visit to Barney Fife (TAGS Episode)
  13. A Warning from Warren (TAGS Episode)
  14. A Wife for Andy (TAGS Episode)
  15. Alcohol and Old Lace (TAGS Episode)
  16. Andy's English Valet (TAGS Episode)
  17. Andy's Investment (TAGS Episode)
  18. Andy's Old Girlfriend (TAGS Episode)
  19. Andy's Rich Girlfriend (TAGS Episode)
  20. Andy's Rival (TAGS Episode)
  21. Andy's Trip to Raleigh (TAGS Episode)
  22. Andy's Vacation (TAGS Episode)
  23. Andy Discovers America (TAGS Episode)
  24. Andy Forecloses (TAGS Episode)
  25. Andy Saves Barney's Morale (TAGS Episode)
  26. Andy Saves Gomer (TAGS Episode)
  27. Andy and Barney in the Big City (TAGS Episode)
  28. Andy and Helen Have Their Day (TAGS Episode)
  29. Andy and Opie's Pal (TAGS Episode)
  30. Andy and Opie, Housekeepers (TAGS Episode)
  31. Andy and Opie -- Bachelors (TAGS Episode)
  32. Andy and the Gentleman Crook (TAGS Episode)
  33. Andy and the New Mayor (TAGS Episode)
  34. Andy and the Woman Speeder (TAGS Episode)
  35. Andy on Trial (TAGS Episode)
  36. Angelus
  37. Arrest of the Fun Girls (TAGS Episode)
  38. Aunt Bee's Big Moment (TAGS Episode)
  39. Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter (TAGS Episode)
  40. Aunt Bee's Cousin (TAGS Episode)
  41. Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory (TAGS Episode)
  42. Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau (TAGS Episode)
  43. Aunt Bee's Medicine Man (TAGS Episode)
  44. Aunt Bee's Restaurant (TAGS Episode)
  45. Aunt Bee's Romance (TAGS Episode)
  46. Aunt Bee, the Crusader (TAGS Episode)
  47. Aunt Bee, the Swinger (TAGS Episode)
  48. Aunt Bee / Frances Bavier
  49. Aunt Bee Learns to Drive (TAGS Episode)
  50. Aunt Bee Takes a Job (TAGS Episode)

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