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Hello Mayberry

The idea of this project is to develop a source of Mayberry information for Mayberry Fans to have at our finger tips. We can make our very own online version of the history of Mayberry.

Information about characters, episodes, trivia and more can be ours but it's going to take all the Mayberry community to make it happen.

This is a large project and we will need not only help adding information but we'll also need volunteers to help maintain the correctness of the information presented. We will be breaking things up into projects.


Episode Guide

Our first project was to add episode information for every episode of The Andy Griffith Show. The Episode Guide has been created and there are currently links to all the episode titles.

Thanks to Mayberry Historian Howard Sprague the episode guide is now complete but there is still a LOT of information about episodes that needs to be entered. Odd Facts Known by Few, character list additions and other information about the episodes can be added by "trained noticers" with a love of Mayberry.

Character List

Wouldn't it be great to have a complete list of all the characters that appeared or were talked about on The Andy Griffith Show? Well, with your help we can get there with your help in or Character List knowledge base. I'm open to ideas on how the information should best be displayed. We also have an area of Unseen Characters that consist of characters mentioned but never seen.

Other Help/Volunteers

This is a new thing for the Mayberry Community so I'm open to any help and assistance any of you can offer. So volunteer and I'll be glad to have you. This could be a great project and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow over time.

Suggestions/Things to Watch

Mayberry has lots of "trained noticers" that can contribute and build the Mayberry Historical Society database. Here are a few starter ideas we would like to suggest for Odd Facts Known by Few:

  • When you are watching the box set DVD and see something unique, note the running time and include that in the post so others can quickly go to the same spot (as long as they have the box set DVDs).
  • Note Andy's "Here's the solution" moments (there is probably a name for them in the writing business). There are lots of episodes when you see Andy get that look on his face when he realizes the perfect solution to the problem.
  • Note scenery changes. What episode was the door next to Cell #2 replaced? When did the deer over the fireplace get moved? How many large circular windows are in Mayberry besides the one in the Hotel and Mrs. Wiley's?
  • Really obscure trivial trivialities - the ones in line with Mayberry Days trivia questions.
  • Unique people or cars passing by on the street or in the background.
  • Which epsiodes do we see Andy's right pant leg caught in his boot, Aunt Bee wearing a hat, or Barney in his civies.

When you've seen an episode for the umpteenth time, it is fun to look for things like this and the Mayberry Historical Society is the perfect place to share those little gems with everyone.

Information Locations

I'm trying to gather together locations around the web that can help us with information we need in our knowledge base. Below is good sources of information that can help us start and we'll grow from there.

Episode Guide Info

Episode Info & Character List Source has information about Writer, Director, Character List and Episode order by Filming (Episode numbers in parentheses indicate changes in airing order).