Andy Saves Gomer (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Andy Saves Gomer

  • Filmed: 119
  • Aired: 118
  • Original Air Date: 1964/03/16
  • Writer(s): Harvey Bullock
  • Director: Jeffrey Hayden

Plot Summary

Andy finds Gomer napping in the garage and snuffs out a small fire in a can full of oily rags. Gomer blows the whole incident out of proportion, and Andy must then deal with Gomer's indebtedness. Gomer offers himself to Andy as a slave for life. Desperate to get rid of Gomer, Andy tries to find a way to even the score by staging his own life-threating mishap. Gomer screws it up and Andy must save his life again, but this time he is able to manufacture a story to get Gomer off his back.

Odd Facts Known by Few

  • Director Jeffrey Hayden is married to actress Eva Marie Saint.

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee Taylor
  • Jim Nabors - Gomer Pyle
  • Ronny Howard - Opie Taylor
  • Howard McNear - Floyd Lawson