Friends of Cast and Crew Mentioned on TAGS

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Friends of Cast and Crew

In this section, we'll be listing names used on The Andy Griffith Show that are friends or family of the crew (cast, writers, etc.). There are several but we need to try and list them.

Name Description Episode Title Relationship
Rich Ferrara hardware store window broken by Ernest T. Ernest_T._Bass_Joins_the_Army_(TAGS_Episode) Richard Ferrara is the real name of one of Don Knott's lifelong friends from Morgantown, WV and mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show fan podcast Two Chairs No Waiting 121: Don Knotts Ferrara Friends.
Earlie Gilley Earlie Gilley's "Line Up For Loot" promotion causes a drop in business at Goober's gas station. - Used cheap caulking in Andy's boat. Goober's Contest (TAGS Episode) Manhunt, The (TAGS Episode) Married to Lorraine Beasley Gilley, Andy Griffith's first cousin.
Lorraine Beasley The last name Beasley was used for several characters in Mayberry. Goober Beasley (2), Charlie Beasley, Juanita Beasley. A Wife for Andy (TAGS Episode) Andy Griffith's first cousin.
Barbara Edwards a girlfriend-Andy's ??? At that time, Andy Griffith's wife.