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FAQ: Thelma Lou / Betty Lynn

What was Thelma Lou's occupation, last name, and where did she live?

There are several things about Thelma Lou that are a mystery to this day. The only thing we know about what she did for a living is that she worked in an office in town. Her phone number a work was 596. We also never were told her last name. We don't know exactly what Thel's address was but we do know that her house number was 830 and that the phone number there was 247. She had one brother and two cousins that we know of. (Karen Moore & Mary Grace Gossage)

Where did Barney meet Thelma Lou?

Well, this is a hard question because the show isn't consistent. The answer you're looking for is, they met at Wilton Blair's funeral. That was the first mention of them meeting. In a later color episode we find out that Thelma Lou was a classmate of Andy and Barney at Mayberry Union High so they must have met there but became reacquainted at Wilton Blair's funeral.

I was wondering if Andy's girlfriend in Class Reunion, Sharon DeSpain, is played by Betty Lynn.

There was a slight resemblance, but they're two different actors. Betty Lynn played Thelma Lou; Peggy McCay played Sharon DeSpain. Ms. McCay is best known for her role of Caroline Brady on the long-running Days of Our Lives. --Paul

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