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Welcome to the Mayberry Historical Society

The Mayberry Historical Society invites the Mayberry community on the web to to create a history of town and county of Mayberry. One of our historians, Howard Sprague, has already created a complete episode guide (all 249 episodes) but we need to add details to all those episodes.

Current Projects

Project 1

We would like assistance in adding more information to the Episode Guide. Specifically adding facts to the "Odd Facts Know by Few" section of each episode and adding detail to the "Plot Summary" of episodes.

Project 2
We need help writing biographies for the characters appearing on The Andy Griffith Show. We have the beginnings of a listing on the Character List page. When you visit, you'll see a lot of links in red. Red links mean that there is no article written for that character. Please help us complete our information.

Project 3

Add your knowledge to our Mayberry FAQs section. These should be questions that people frequently have about some aspect of The Andy Griffith Show or on of its characters. This is not simply a list of trivia. We have a section for trivia as well if that's where your interest is so feel free to add there as well.

Please make your contributions in order to make our historical records of the County and Town of Mayberry, NC as complete as possible.

If you'd like to help, PLEASE click the Community Portal link for information.

  • Please try and format your submission of information in a way similar to the existing information so we can have a consistent look and feel to the data. If you don't know how to format, just do the best you can and our editors will try and come behind and fix things up. We need your help so we're glad to help out in anyway we can.
  • Please do not use copyrighted information. We want to make sure our efforts are in the spirit of Mayberry so please don't copy episode descriptions from other folks websites without permission. Feel free to copy any information from and since this project is a sister to those websites.

Please see for usage and configuration help. Another great wiki editing guide can be found at Wikipedia.