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FAQ: Helen / Aneta Corsaut

Where was Helen Crump from?

Helen was from Kansas. This is mentioned in a couple of color episodes, such as "Helen the Authoress" and "The Hollywood Party." Later, in "Helen's Past" we learn that she went to college in Kansas City, but we don't know for sure if it was Kansas City, KS or Kansas City, MO. Speaking of Kansas City, that's where I'm from myself, originally (I bet you thought I was from Ancient Greece!) TAGS stars born in KC include Betty Lynn and Allan Melvin. --Paul Mulik

I just got done watching "The Manhunt" and at the end when the credits are being shown I noticed that Helen Crumps name was in there. I dont recall seeing her in that episode, or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Was she in that episode?

For some unknown reason, a great many of the episodes on the "store-bought" TAGS tapes incorrectly have the credits from the episode "Opie Loves Helen." I have quite a lot of these tapes, and I'd estimate about 20% have the wrong credits. Apparently, the guys who put those tapes together didn't have the credits for several episodes, so they just stuck on whatever credits were handy. Why it was always "Opie Loves Helen," I don't know. "The Manhunt" was episode 2, and Helen didn't appear in the series until episode 86, "Andy Discovers America." --Paul