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FAQ: Goober / George Lindsey

Didn't I hear one show refer to him as Goober Beasley and not Pyle?

You sure did. On episode #150 "TV or Not TV" Goober was called Goober Beasley....That's the episode where "Law and Order" magazine had written the story about Andy called "Sheriff Without a Gun" and the fake TV crew came to town to do a show about Ange. HOWEVER, after all the other episodes, his name was Goober Pyle. That first mention of his last name was an error by the writers that was never caught and since Goober was Gomer's cousin, it just seemed more likely that his name would be Pyle..thus the change.

Did George Lindsey (Goober) do one of the voices on "The Aristocats?

George Lindsey was one of the hound dogs in "The Aristocats" (Pat Buttram was the other one.) George also did the voice of Trigger the vulture in Disney's "Robin Hood." Another TAGS cast member to do Disney voices was Clint Howard. He was Roo in the earliest Winnie the Pooh films, and the un-named little elephant in "The Jungle Book." Speaking of "The Jungle Book," Sterling Holloway (Mayberry's Bert Miller the peddler), was Kaa the snake; and Colonel Hathi (the lead elephant) was voiced by J. Pat O'Malley, who appeared as con man Oscar Fields in "Up in Barney's Room." --Paul