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It was season 3 of The Andy Griffith Show when an episode titled The Mayberry Band aired on November 19, 1962 and introduced fans to Freddy Fleet and his band. The mistake made by everybody, including me, is calling Freddy’s band “The Band with a Beat” just like Bobby’s band but that title is never used during the episode.

About Freddy Fleet

We always assume that Bobby’s and Freddy’s bands are the same and while Freddy does mention that every time he comes through Mayberry that Andy tries “pot bellied schemes” we don’t know that it is the same band. Maybe Bobby and Freddy Fleet are brothers who both have bands that travel the state and sometimes come through Mayberry. Maybe the script continuity person missed this one and gave Mr. Fleet the wrong name. We’ll never know and it’s for fans to discuss and decide for themselves. We do know that Freddy Fleet is played by actor Joseph Sirola (born October 7, 1929).


  • Joseph, or Joe, Sirola was once a case worker for the New York City Department of Welfare before becoming perhaps the most successful “voice-over” actor in the history of the profession. His voice has been heard in scores of advertisements since the 1960′s and one cannot listen to a radio or watch a television in a major market without hearing his distinctive voice.

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