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About Briscoe Darling

Briscoe Darling is the head of the musical Darling clan which consisted of a daughter, Charlene Darling (later Mrs. Dudley A. Wash) and four mute (or extremely quiet) sons. They were inconsistently named Oether (pronounced Othor), Jebbin, Ward, and Frankie. Andy referred to them as Mitch, Dean, Rodney, and Doug which were the real first names of the Dillards who portrayed the Darling boys. Since the boys were unable or unwilling to speak, Briscoe usually spoke on their behalf. The family played bluegrass music and appeared in six episodes. Briscoe was played by Denver Pyle.


  • Denver Pyle went on to play Jesse Duke (Uncle Jesse) on "The Dukes of Hazzard" 1979-1985.
  • Briscoe played the jug.

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