Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain

  • Filmed: 103
  • Aired: 103
  • Original Air Date: 1963/11/18
  • Writer(s): John Whedon
  • Director: Jeffrey Hayden

Plot Summary

Opie surprises everyone with a report card of straight As only to find out later, after Andy rewards him with a new bicycle, that the marks were a mistake. Afraid he's let his pa down, Opie decides to run away and join the navy.

Odd Facts Known by Few

  • Watch for Barney's straight, then mussed-up hair in the "preamble" scene. Director Jeffrey Hayden has explained that it was due to mis-matched closeup and master shots.
  • 4:24 minutes into the DVD version of the episode Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain is where the quote starts for Barney saying, "When a man steps into that booth he's alone with his conscience and nobody is allowed to ask him how he voted. Now that's the American way and I'm for that!"

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Don Knotts - Barney Fife
  • Ronny Howard - Opie Taylor
  • Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee Taylor
  • Aneta Corsaut - Helen Crump