Gomer Pyle

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Gomer Pyle

The role of Gomer Pyle was played by actor Jim Nabors.

About Gomer

Gomer Pyle was the gas station attendant at Wally's Service Station. It appears this was the only service station or gas station in Mayberry. His character was that of a naive and kind person who was not particularly smart.

Gomer was very loyal and willing to do just about anything for anyone. He had tremendous respect for all of those around him. When called upon, he might serve as a deputy in a crises, such as helping guard a gold shipment that was to pass through Mayberry.

Gomer's left Mayberry when he decided to join the Marine Corps. Pyle spent at least five years in the Corps serving with Sergeant Vincent Carter at Camp Henderson. Friends from Mayberry such as Andy, Aunt Bee, Opie, and Goober visited Gomer at Camp Henderson during his time there.


  • Camp Henderson was a fictitious Marine Corps Base loosely resembling Camp Pendelton in Southern California.
  • In several of the episodes of Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C, there would be references back to his hometown of Mayberry, NC.

Catch Phrase(s)

  • G-o-l-l-y
  • Surprise, surprise, surprise!
  • Shazam

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