Floyd Lawson

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Floyd Lawson was played by Howard McNear. Floyd is a funny character who at times misunderstands things and doesn't focus on what the other characters are trying to get at and talks about another subject of the opposite meaning.

Barber Shop

He is the barber in Mayberry had barbered for over 30 years. In that time, Floyd learned some stuff about love, apparently!

His barbershop is where the Mayberry gang comes to play checkers, loaf around, and talk. Floyd is the only barber in Mayberry and has always dreamed of having a "Two chair shop."

Lawson Family

He has a wife named Melba (never seen on the show) and TWO sons named Randall (seen in one episode called Those Gossipin' Men, and Norman (never seen on TAGS) who plays Baseball.

Some thought that it was that Norman played the saxophone but if you listen carefully in the episode Those Gossipin' Men, you'll hear Floyd says "You hear that Randall." (It actually sounds like "Wendall")

Floyd has a nephew, Warren Ferguson, who replaces Barney Fife as the deputy in Mayberry when Don Knotts left the series.