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Clara Edwards Johnson is a widow with one son, (Gale) one brother that is mentioned but never seen, and a proud descendant of the town's earliest settlers. Clara also has a nephew Ferdie, who makes one appearance with his accordion to accompany Clara and Aunt Bee in their song.

About Clara Edwards

Clara began the show as Bertha Edwards in the first season, then became Clara Johnson for the next few years until the fifth season when she became Clara Edwards, who she remained until the end of the series. This could almost be explained as taking back her maiden name (Edwards) as she did refer to her late husband as Mr Johnson.

Clara is best friends with Aunt Bee and the two women compete over cooking.

Clara interest in music made her the town's piano teacher, organist at the All Soul's Church, and co-writer of the song "My Home Town" (co-written by Aunt Bee) that was recorded by Keevy Hazelton. Clara also joined Opies rock band.

Clara seems to always be watching for the next eligible man coming to town and sometimes has to compete with Aunt Bee for their attention.


  • Clara has won 12 ribbons at the county fair for her pickles and her roses are the annual winners at the flower show.
  • Clara took a trip to Mexico with Bee and their mutual friend Myrtle but came home not speaking to each other.
  • Each year, Clara is Lady Mayberry in the town pageant.
  • She thinks Cesar Romero is a "dreamboat".

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