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== Character List ==
== Character List ==
* Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor<br>
Don Knotts as Barney Fife<br>
Ronny Howard as Opie Taylor<br>
Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee Taylor<br>
Betty Lynn as Thelma Lou<br>
Barney Phillips as Eddie Brooke<br>
Mike Steen as Sgt. Miller<br>
Bob McQuain as Sgt. Johnson<br>
Burt Mustin as bystander<br>
Joseph Hamilton as bystander<br>
Norman Leavitt as coffee shop owner<br>

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  • Filmed: <Filmed Order>
  • Aired: <Aired Order>
  • Original Air Date: 1960/10/03
  • Writer(s): <List the writer(s)>
  • Director: <List the director>

Plot Summary

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Odd Facts Know by Few

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Character List

Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor
Don Knotts as Barney Fife
Ronny Howard as Opie Taylor
Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee Taylor
Betty Lynn as Thelma Lou
Barney Phillips as Eddie Brooke
Mike Steen as Sgt. Miller
Bob McQuain as Sgt. Johnson
Burt Mustin as bystander
Joseph Hamilton as bystander
Norman Leavitt as coffee shop owner