Class Reunion (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Class Reunion

  • Filmed: 82
  • Aired: 82
  • Original Air Date: 1963/02/04
  • Writer(s): Jim Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum
  • Director: Charles Irving

Plot Summary

Andy and Barney decide to organize their twentieth high school reunion, and all the excitement centers on the return of Andy's old flame Sharon DeSpain. It looks like the torch may be relit when Sharon shows up and she and Andy pick up right where they left off, in the garden outside. They wonder what ever happened when it finally occurs to them both that what seperated them in high school is what seperates them now. Sharon wants the bright lights and big city, and Andy is happy to stay where he is.

Odd Facts Known by Few

  • The high school yearbook, the Cutlass, gives Barney's middle name as Milton.
  • Actor Paul Smith would return the next season in the TAGS episode "Ernest T. Bass Joins The Army" as an Army doctor.
  • Actress Peggy McCay appeared for over 25 years (1983-present) on the tv soap opera "Days Of Our Lives". Attended Barnard College (the same as TAGS character "Ellie Walker") and earned a bachelor of arts from Columbia University
  • Actor Dan ("Grizzly Adams") Haggerty has the dubious distinction of being the only actor to ever have his name removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The chairman mistakenly spelled "Dan Haggerty" on the plaque when the honor was supposed to have gone to Don. Dan later was honored with his own star.
  • In discussing his slight frame, Barney confesses to Andy that when he was 17 he could reach into a milk bottle and pull out an egg. That same reference was used again in the court room scene in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken."
  • The Mayberry Union High School Alma Mater is sung in the courthouse by Andy, Barney, and Mary Lee.
  • Actress Barbara Perry, who played Mary Lee, would next been seen as Floss in #176 "The Return of Barney Fife".
  • Members of the Mayberry Union High Class of 1945 who are known by name include: Andy Taylor, Barney Fife, Ramona Wiley, Sharon DeSpain, Jarvis Eldred, Lillian Becker, Pearlie Mae Dobois, Edna Thoate, Jack Sweet, Mary Lee, Jack Egbert, Nate Bracey, and Ralph Haynes.
  • In high school, Andy was 2nd-Vice-President of 4H and Secretary of the Philomathian Literary Society.
  • In high school, Barney was on the Board of Directors for the Tin Foil Drive; hall monitor; member of the Volleyball court maintenance crew; and a member of the Spanish Club.
  • Mayberry Union High School's colors are orange and blue. However, when Andy is leafing through the yearbook in the garage the word "White" is visible on the cover of The Cutlass.

More Information

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Don Knotts - Barney Fife
  • Peggy McCay - Sharon DeSpain
  • Barbara Perry - Mary Lee Becktel
  • Don Haggerty - Ralph Hanes
  • Frank Behrens - Nate Bracey
  • Molly Dodd - Mrs. Bracey
  • Paul Smith - Harry Bektoris
  • Virginia Eiler - Ramona Wiley Bektoris