Opie's Charity (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Opie's Charity

  • Filmed: 5
  • Aired: 8
  • Original Air Date: 1960/11/28
  • Writer(s): Arthur Stander
  • Director: Don Weis

Plot Summary

Andy is embarrassed when he mistakenly believes Opie has donated a total of 3 cents to the Underprivileged Children's Drive. Andy scolds Opie after learning he's saving money to buy his girlfriend a present. Later, Andy discovers Opie's true intentions: his girlfriend is underprivileged and he is buying her a winter coat because her mom doesn't have the money.

Odd Facts Know by Few

None at this time.

Well, I have just one little one.....The write up on the previous page says that Andy has "mistakenly" believed that Opie donated only 3 cents. Opie DID donate 3 cents. He asked Andy if he should ask for 2 cents back. -- 12:13, 1 April 2006 (CST)Harriet Browder (h_browder@hotmail.com)

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Ronny Howard - Opie Taylor
  • Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee Taylor
  • Stuart Erwin - Tom Silby
  • Lurene Tuttle - Annabelle Silby