Mr. Schwamp

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Mr. Schwamp
Mr. Schwamp...the man...the mystery.

Mr. Schwamp (or Schwump as he was known for years) is the older dark haired man you often see sitting on the bench outside the barbershop or in groups of people in Mayberry.

Over the years, every cast and crew member of The Andy Griffith Show has been asked if they know the name of the actor who played Mr. Schwamp. While all of them remeber him none of them know his real name. (Yes, Andy Griffith has been asked as has Producer Richard Linke.)

There are 18 documented Schwamp episodes:
Mr. Schwamp never spoke so you'll only see him in shots so watch closely.

  1. My Fair Ernest T. Bass (#112/A113F)
  2. The Rumor (#124A/125F)
  3. The Fun Girls (#122A/123F)
  4. The Education of Ernest T. Bass (#131A/133F)
  5. Otis Sues the County (#142A/141F)
  6. Off to Hollywood #166
  7. Aunt Bee Takes a Job #171
  8. The Cannon #172
  9. The Church Organ #174
  10. Otis the Artist #175
  11. The Lodge #192
  12. Big Fish in a Small Town #198
  13. Only a Rose #203
  14. Floyd's Barbershop #210
  15. The Church Benefactors #238
  16. Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting #240
  17. Mayberry, RFD #241