Joe Hamilton

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Joe Hamilton

joe_hamilton_andysavesbarneys.jpg joe_hamilton_gomerhouseguest.jpg
Joe Hamilton - Sometimes known as Chester Jones.


This face is one of the most familiar faces in Mayberry who wasn't a main character. Chester, as he was sometimes known, seemed to always be around as an antagonist of Barney. He was sometimes referred to as an "old loafer". He was hardly ever alone, but usually with other background actors such as Jud (Burt Mustin) just hanging around or playing checkers. He was also known as Jase and Choney. He was the one who tricked Barney into writing a ticket on the Governor's car. He was Gomer's number one supporter defying Barney during "Citizen's Arrest". He was also one of the pranksters that put Barney's motorcycle side car up on blocks and enjoyed thr comical result.

Memorable lines of this familiar charactar include "Get a Horse Barney", "Barney you gotta catch 'em, the fella that hit and run (Where?) Out to the baseball field!" and "Look, Barney just caught Mr. Meldrum trying to get into his own bank!"

Above left he says hello to Andy after Barney had arrested the whole town and Andy releases them all for a quick hearing. Above right, as Jase, he listens intently to Gomer's Berty Blush story.