Horse Trader, The (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

The Horse Trader

  • Filmed: 14
  • Aired: 14
  • Original Air Date: 1961/01/09
  • Writer(s): Jack Elinson and Charles Stewart
  • Director: Bob Sweeney

Plot Summary

Andy proves fallible when he cons a traveling antique dealer into buying the town's old cannon with a fabulously fictional story of the cannon's glorious past. Opie follows his father's example and cons a friend of his into trading roller skates for some "licorice seeds" that Opie got in a bad trade for his cap pistol. Andy, again seeing his own actions mirrored by his son, turns around and makes ammends for his bad dealings.

Odd Facts Known by Few

  • The cannon that is hauled away in this episode and is returned to the city as a gift in the epilogue is seen in Mayberry years later in a fifth season episode The Cannon. The most likely reason being that writer Jack Elinson wrote both episodes.
  • Actor Casey Adams was also known as Max Showalter. He played the part of "Ward Cleaver" in the pilot episode of "Leave It To Beaver".

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Ronny Howard - Opie Taylor
  • Don Knotts - Barney Fife
  • Elinor Donahue - Ellie Walker
  • Dick Elliott - Mayor Pike
  • Casey Adams - Ralph Mason
  • Pearl Cooper - council member
  • Spec O'Donald - council member