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Complete Character Listing

TAGSRWC has a fairly complete character database which is searchable. At this point there is no reason to recreate that entire listing here. Instead, visit either the Cast Member/Episode Database or the Mayberry Cast Birthday's locations on the and websites for the character listings. We will be adding character and actor biographies here as Gossip Clubbers have time to add them. Below you will see the current listings.

Characters Appearing on Mutiple Episodes

Below is a list of in how many episodes some of the main characters appeared.

Andy Taylor 249
Opie Taylor 200
Aunt Bee Taylor 178
Barney Fife 142
Goober Pyle 84
Floyd Lawson 80
Helen Crump 66
Howard Sprague 39
Otis Campbell 30
Clara Edwards 30
Thelma Lou 25
Gomer Pyle 23
Emmett Clark 17
Burt, Jud 13
Ellie Walker 12
Warren Ferguson 12
Briscoe Darling 6
Ernest T. Bass 6 (once as a TV repairman)
Charlene Darling 5
Leon 5
Sam Jones 4
Malcolm Merriweather 3
Jim Lindsey 2

Characters by the Same Actor

Jean Carson
Daphnie ("Hello Doll"), Naomi Connors (Escaped husband beater)
Jack Dodson
Ed Jenkins, Howard Sprague
Joy Ellison
Ethie Muggins, Mary Wiggins, Mary Scoby, Betsy, Iris
Roy Engel
Jess Morgan, trumpet player, Luther, a townsman (twice), Jud, conductor, Mrs. Perkins
Rance Howard
bus driver, chauffeur, treasury agent, party guest
Rhonda Jeter
Sharon McCall, Karen Faulker,Karen Bridges
Bob McQuain
one of Jenkins' men, Bill, Sgt. Johnson, Jim Baker, Joe Waters, manicure customer, newlywed man, Ike Gordon, postal clerk, Fletch Roberts, lieutenant
Allan Melvin 
Fred Plummer, Neil, Clyde Plaunt, Doc Malloy, Detective Bardolli (House Detective)
Howard Morris 
Ernest T. Bass, George a T.V. repair man in Andy and Helen Have Their Day, and the voice of WLRB (the radio station in Mt. Pilot) and the voice of Leonard Blush.
Burt Mustin 
Burt, Judd, Mr. Crowley
Alberta Nelson
Flora Malherbe, Nettie Albright
Jay Novello
Atty. Neil Bentley, Thomas A. Moody
Jack Prince
Ben Sewell, Luke Reiner, Rafe Hollister
Reta Shaw
Maude Tyler, Eleanora Poultice
Amzie Strickland
Verline Campbell, Miss Rosemary, Lila Simms, Myra (one of Aunt Bee's friends)


  • Opie was in 38 episodes without Aunt Bee.
  • Aunt Bee was in 18 episodes without Opie.