Andy the Marriage Counselor (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Andy, the Marriage Counselor

  • Filmed: 18
  • Aired: 18
  • Original Air Date: 1961/02/06
  • Writer(s): David Adler
  • Director: Gene Reynolds

Plot Summary

The battling Boones, husband and wife, are engaged in an ongoing battle royal. Andy decides to put an end to their bickering by putting them on a probationary program of daily niceties. His brilliant idea backfires when the Boones turn nasty toward the rest of the town. Finally, Andy gives in when he realizes the couple's way of expressing their love for each other is based on their freedom to fight.

Odd Facts Known by Few

Jesse White later became the original "Maytag repairman" in a series of TV commercials that ran for more than twenty years.

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor