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== Episode Info ==
== Episode Info ==
'''<big>Alcohol and Old Lace</big>'''
*'''Filmed:''' <Filmed Order>
*'''Filmed:''' 17
*'''Aired:''' <Aired Order>
*'''Aired:''' 17
*'''Original Air Date:''' 1960/10/03
*'''Original Air Date:''' 1961/01/30
*'''Writer(s):''' <List the writer(s)>
*'''Writer(s):''' Jack Elinson and Charles Stewart
*'''Director:''' <List the director>
*'''Director:''' Gene Reynolds
==Plot Summary==
==Plot Summary==

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Episode Info

Alcohol and Old Lace

  • Filmed: 17
  • Aired: 17
  • Original Air Date: 1961/01/30
  • Writer(s): Jack Elinson and Charles Stewart
  • Director: Gene Reynolds

Plot Summary

<Information here>

Odd Facts Known by Few

None at this time.

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor