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Did Andy Misspeak

I wanted to add the odd fact known by few that during the epilouge when Barney and Andy are talking - and Andy is still trying to convince Barney that was his own voice he was hearing in that 'magic' mike, Andy says something like, "Have you ever heard yourself talk on a telephone?" Barney replies, "Yeah." Andy then tells Barney "Well, you can hardly believe it's you own voice." Since in those early days no one could use the phone as a means of listening to his own voice, did Andy make a mistake? I mean, should Andy have said tape recorder instead of telephone and no one caught it? I've personally always thought so. But maybe the script was written that way (highly unlikely, in my opinion, because in those days phones were just not thought of as recording devices).


Lydia, I believe he was correct. I remember as a child that someone told me that exact thing. On the telephone, we'd sound different to ourselves and that conversation was the result of me saying something about sounding different on the tape recorder and asking did I really sound that way. So...I think Andy was saying the same thing and meant to say telephone as he did.

Other thought from other folks?