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The Andy Griffith Show is filled with music throughout the series. The Mayberry Historical Society is adding this project to gather information about that music. We hope you'll help us add information about song title, episode number(s), performer(s), related to each piece of music performed during the series' run.

Song Title Description Episode Title Performer
Midnight Special Andy sings it with Jim Lindsey in the Taylor home. Guitar Player Returns, The (TAGS Episode) Andy Griffith
"Look Down That Lonesome Road" Earthy Rafe Hollister sings at the musicale much to the mayor's chagrin Rafe Hollister Sings (TAGS Episode) Jack Prince
"My Hometown" TV and singing star Keevy Hazelton just wants to rest while in Mayberry, but Aunt Bee and Clara want him to record their song. He eventually sings two versions. A Singer in Town (TAGS Episode) Jesse Pearson
"Ol' Dan Tucker" Andy plays and sings along with Opie as the Darlings watch. ? Andy Griffith, Ron Howard
Banjo in the Hollow The Dillards
Boil Them Cabbage Down The Dillards
Cindy The Dillards
Dooley by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne
Doug's Tune The Dillards
Dueling Banjos The Dillards
Ebo Walker The Dillards
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms The Dillards
Low and Lonely The Dillards
Salty Dog Maggie Peterson and The Dillards
Shady Grove Maggie Peterson and The Dillards
Stay a Little Longer The Dillards
There Is a Time Maggie Peterson and The Dillards