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FAQ: Darlings

I was wondering what the name of the Darling boys were on the show?

Other (pronounced Othor), Jebbin, Ward, & Frankie Darling were the names given to the boy in the "Mountain Wedding" script but only Other and Jebbin were ever used in their early appearances. In "The Darling Fortune" (#193) Andy referred to the boys as Mitch, Dean, Rodney, and Doug....the 'real' names of the Dillards.

Whatever happened to the actress who played Charlene?

That was Maggie Peterson, AKA Margaret Ann Peterson. She appeared on a few other shows, like Gomer Pyle -- USMC and Mayberry RFD (not as Charlene Darling). She also appeared in the movie "Angel in My Pocket," which starred Andy Griffith and several other TAGS alumni. Now-a-days, she works for the Nevada Film Commission. Whenever a movie company wants to film on location in the state of Nevada, she's the person in charge of arranging the necessary permits and stuff. BTW, she's still as pretty as ever (actually, I'd say she's even prettier now!) -- Paul Mulik

How many hat-fulls of water does it take to fill the radiator on the Darling's truck?

If you thought it was 11.......Wrong! If you'll watch closely, you'll see that Briscoe only pours in FIVE hat-fulls (this is in episode #88, "The Darlings Are Coming.") True, he does say, "She's always good for eleven hat-fulls," but that is obviously not accurate. Maybe he uses a little hat sometimes, and a big hat other times? --Paul

What music was performed by the Darling boys on TAGS?

Here's a list of the music performed by The Dillards as the Darling boys on TAGS

  • Banjo in the Hollow (by Doug Dillard)
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down (traditional)
  • Cindy (traditional)
  • Dooley (by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne)
  • Doug's Tune (by Doug Dillard)
  • Dueling Banjos (by Arthur Smith)
  • Ebo Walker (by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne)
  • Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (by Anthony J. Showalter and Elisha A Hoffman)
  • Low and Lonely (by Floyd Jenkins)
  • Salty Dog (traditional)
  • Shady Grove (traditional)
  • Stay a Little Longer (by Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan)
  • There Is a Time (by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne)