Opie's Charity (TAGS Episode)

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Episode Info

Opie's Charity

  • Filmed: 5
  • Aired: 8
  • Original Air Date: 1960/11/28
  • Writer(s): Arthur Stander
  • Director: Don Weis

Plot Summary

Andy is embarrassed when he learns Opie has donated a total of 3 cents to the Underprivileged Children's Drive. Andy scolds Opie after learning he's saving money to buy his girlfriend a present. Later, Andy discovers Opie's true intentions: his girlfriend is underprivileged and he is buying her a winter coat because her mom doesn't have the money.

Odd Facts Known by Few

  • One of three episodes in which the Mayberry patrol car had the tag number DC-269 rather than the usual license plate JL-327. ( Opie's Charity, Ellie Comes to Town, Andy the Matchmaker)
  • Actor Stuart Erwin played Dagwood in the 1942's "Blondie For Vistory".
  • Lureen Tuttle, the actress portraying Annabelle Silby, also appears in the TAGS episode The Shoplifters as the shoplifting little lady.
  • Geographic inconsistency- It was stated by Annabelle and Andy that Tom Silby "went down to Charlottesville" and got run-over by a taxicab. If by Charlottesville, they were referring to Charlottesville VA, That city lies approximately 200 miles north of Mayberry, NC, thus he should've gone "up" to Charlottesville.

Memorable Quotes

  • Andy has just found out how little Opie gave to a charity drive:

Andy: Well ... If it ain't Charlie Moneybags, the big philanthropist. How d'y' do?
Opie: What ya talkin' about, paw?
Andy: I'm talkin' about the underprivileged children's drive.
Opie: Oh, they collected for that at school, paw.
Andy: Oh I know they did. Oh, I know they did, and when they called your name you gave the large, generous amount of three cents. My! that 'as big of ya, Diamond Jim.
Opie: Did I give 'em too much, paw?
Andy: [raises voice] Too much?
Opie: I could ask 'em to give back two cents.
Andy: Now lookey heah! We better talk about this thing. Now, now, now look here, Opie, you-huh-you can't give a little bitty piddlin' amount like three cents to a worthy cause like the underprivileged children's drive. I, I 'as readin' here just the other day where there's somewhere like four-hundred needy boys in this county alone, or, or, or one-and-a-half boys per square mile.
Opie: There is?
Andy: There sure is.
Opie: I never seen one, paw.
Andy: Never seen one what?
Opie: A half-boy.
Andy: Well it's not really a half a boy, i - it's a ratio.
Opie: Horatio who?
Andy: Not Horatio - a ratio. It's mathematics, 'rithmatic. Look, now Opie, just forget that part of it. Forget the part about the half-a-boy.
Opie: It's pretty hard to forget a thing like that, paw.
Andy: Well, try!
Opie: Poor Horatio.
Andy: [raises voice] Now look, Horatio is not the only needy boy ... Son, uh, didn't you, didn't you ever give anybody anything just for the pleasure of it? Ju-somethin' you didn't want anything in return for.
Opie: Sure. Just yesterday I gave my friend Jimmy somethin'.
Andy: Now that's fine. What'd you give him?
Opie: A sock in the head.
Andy: I, I meant charity.
Opie: I didn't charge him nothin'.
Andy: I meant somethin' for the joy of givin'.
Opie: I enjoyed it ... I don't like Jimmy no more; he makes fun of Charlotte.
Andy: Who's Charlotte?
Opie: My girlfriend.
Andy: Yeah ... Well I, I just don't see how anybody who has got as much as you could care so little about others.
Opie: I care about others, honest.
Andy: Not when you give a little piddlin' amount like three cents, that's bein' selfish. Y-you should'a given at least a half-a-dollar or a dollar.
Opie: A dollar. Gosh, paw. I only have two dollars an' twenty cents in my whole piggy bank, and I'm savin' it to buy Charlotte somethin'.
Andy: Well now, that's dandy. That is just dandy. Whole dollars you'll squander on your girlfriend Charlotte, but when it comes to the underprivileged children's fund you've got only three cents.
Opie: I wasn't gonna squander it, paw. I wasn't gonna squander it.
Andy: Yeah.
Opie: What's squander?
Andy: That's throwin' your money away foolishly.
Opie: Oh, but paw, I wouldn't be throwin' it away.
Andy: All I can say is if your head can be turned by a pretty face at your age, heaven help you when you're grown up.

Character List

  • Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
  • Ronny Howard - Opie Taylor
  • Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee Taylor
  • Stuart Erwin - Tom Silby
  • Lurene Tuttle - Annabelle Silby