Deputies of Mayberry

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We all know that Barney and Warren were the only two official deputies of Mayberry, but there were others who wore the deputy uniform. A few of the names will surprise you. Can you remember all the people who wore the deputy uniform?

Character Episode
Jud Fletcher/Judd Goodbye,_Sheriff_Taylor_(TAGS_Episode)
Otis Campbell Deputy_Otis_(TAGS_Episode)
Goober Pyle
Gomer Pyle Big_House,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Emmett Clark
Floyd Lawson
Ernest T. Bass
Given a deputy uniform
Aunt Bee Taylor Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Opie Taylor Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Ellie Walker Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Sam Muggins Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Bess Muggins Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Effie Muggins Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Billy Muggins Christmas_Story,_The_(TAGS_Episode)
Art Guest_of_Honor_(TAGS_Episode)
Sam Guest_of_Honor_(TAGS_Episode)
Bob Rogers Barney's_Replacement_(TAGS_Episode)
Jerry Miller Banjo-Playing_Deputy_(TAGS_Episode)